How to find a freight forwarder in Algeria?

Algerian economy is significantly controlled by the public sector. There are various controls on the imports and foreign private investments. For this reason Algerian economy can be accepted as a semi-closed economy.

Algerian economy heavily depends on crude petroleum and natural gas exports. Top 5 products exported by Algeria are crude petroleum (45%), petroleum gas (37%), refined petroleum (14%), coal tar oil (1.2%), and ammonia (0.88%).

Algerian government would like to improve country’s domestic production instead of giving importance to importing goods from other countries. Top 5 Products imported by Algeria are cars (8.3%), refined petroleum (7.5%), delivery trucks (4.2%), raw iron bars (3.9%), and wheat (3.7%)

Biggest exporting partners of Algeria are Italy (15%), United States (15%), Spain (12%), France (7.5%), and Canada (7.4%). Biggest importing partners of Algeria are France (14%), China (11%), Italy (9.8%), Spain (8.5%), and Germany (4.8%).

Algeria has a great potential, although most of the exporters find it not easy to work with.

On this page I will show you how to find a good and reliable Algerian freight forwarder.

International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) is a non-governmental organization that represents freight forwarders in a global scale. They have 40.000 individual freight forwarder members. They have also one or more association members in each country, which makes their website invaluable when looking for a reliable freight forwarder.

Finding an Algerian Freight Forwarder from FIATA Website's Member Directory

Step 1: Open Fiata Website  ( )

Step 2: Click Members Directory Which is Located Under the Members Menu

Step 3: Choose Algeria from the Drop-down List and Press Submit Button

Step 4: Congratulations! You Have Reached All Fiata Member Freight Forwarders in Algeria