Affreightment is a maritime term, which is used in chartering operations.

Affreightment also known as contract of affreightment and refers to the contract signed between shipowner and charterer.

Contract of Affreightment is the expression usually employed to describe the contract between a shipowner and some other person called the charterer, by which the shipowner agrees to carry goods of the charterer in his ship, or to give to the charterer the use of the whole or part of the cargo-carrying space of the ship for the carriage of his goods on a specified voyage or voyages or for a specified time; the charterer on his part agreeing to pay a specified price, called "freight," for the carriage of the goods or the use of the ship.

I have already explained that time charter party, voyage charter party and bareboat charter party are different contract types that are available when hiring bulk cargo vessels.

Affreightment may refer one of these charter party contracts.