Top 20 Wine Importing Countries

Wine is one of the most internationally traded alcoholic beverage in the world. Countries around the globe imported wines in 35,4 billion USD value in year 2014. 

Wine was considered to be an holy drink even by ancient people. For example, the Greeks worshiped Dionysus, who was the God of the Wine. Consumption of ritual wine was part of Jewish practice and, became even more essential to the Christian Church.

Only Islam, within divine religions, prohibits both production and consumption of wines, that contain alcohol.

Today, I want to show you the top 20 wine importing countries around the world. Statistics are gathered from TradeMAP website, which uses UN COMTRADE datas.
Top 20 Wine Importing Countries as of 2014.

United States: USA is the biggest wine importing country in the world. In 2014, US imported wines with total amount of 5,37 billion USD, which corresponds to 1,074,633 metric tons of wines.

US's share in total world wine imports is 15%.

US's wine import business grew 6 percent in value between 2010 and 2014, despite global financial crises. 

Average custom tariff applied by US government to imported wines is 1,6%.

US imports wines from almost all of the imported wine exporting countries, such as Italy, France, Australia, Argentina, Spain, New Zealand, Chile, Germany etc...

United Kingdom: UK is the second biggest wine importing country in the world, following USA. In 2014, UK imported wines with total amount of 5,04 billion USD, which makes 1,454,681 metric tons of wines.

UK's share in total world wine imports is 14,2%. 

If you compare the volume and value of both US and UK wine imports, by putting the populations of both nations into consideration, you will realize that UK is consuming relatively cheaper imported wines comparing to US, and also UK is consuming more imported wines per capitia than US.

Germany: After US and UK, Germany is the 3rd biggest wine importer country in the world. Germany's wine imports reached 3,30 billion USD value in year 2014. Germany's top wine supplier countries are Italy, France and Spain.

Canada: Canada is the 4th largest wine importing country. In 2014, around 5,5% of the total global wines, which are available to import markets, are bought by the Canadian importers,with an estimated value of 1,93 billion USD.

Japan: By importing 1,64 billion USD valued wines, Japan is the world 5th largest wine importer in year 2014.

China (1,50 billion usd), Netherlands (1,40 billion usd), Belgium (1,32 billion usd), Switzerland (1,21 billion usd), Russian Federation (1,14 billion usd), Hong Kong (1,08 billion usd), France (832 million usd), Sweden 802 million usd), Denmark (729 million usd), Singapore (628 million usd), Australia (608 million usd), Norway (460 million usd), Italy (400 million usd), Brazil (324 mllion usd) and Ireland (289 million usd) are the remaining top wine importing countries.