Wine Importers in US

On my previous article, I have introduced some of the biggest Chinese wine importers to my readers. Today I would like to exhibit well-known US wine importers on my web site.

Before listing the companies, it would be beneficial to give brief information about US wine imports.

US is the top wine importing country in the world as of 2014.

According to UN COMTRADE statistics, US imported 1,074,633 mtons of wine by paying 5,35 billion US dollars in year 2014. Unit price for US wine imports was 4,985 USD/ mton for the respected year.

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The top wine import origins of the United States are Italy (1,6bilion USD), France (1,5billion USD), Australia (448 million USD), Argentina (353 million USD), Spain (342 million USD), New Zealand (328 million USD), Chile (299 million USD) and Germany (117 million USD).

Selected Wine Importers in US

WineSellers, Ltd.

WINESELLERS LTD is a globally recognized, importer and marketer of fine wines to the US market.

The company represents the finest quality of wines in their respective price category and has widespread distribution throughout all 50 states.

WineSellers team of sales professionals, intimately familiar with their respective regions of the country, make it possible to sell our products to both remote areas and central markets through a network of distributors renowned for excellent account service and market penetration.

W. J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd. 

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits was founded in 1981 by Chairman, Bill Deutsch, to market quality wine and spirits produced by prestigious families from major wine and spirits regions of the world.

The business that initially began with two employees importing a few family producers from France over three decades ago has grown to include a prestigious roster of internationally renowned, award-winning brands serviced by over 170 employees.

The Deutsch family is proud to acknowledge the enduring relationships with their suppliers, many of whom have been part of the family since the business began in the early 1980.

Today the company is renowned for its brand building prowess and ability to identify and fill consumer niches within the wine and spirits category.

They have built numerous category leaders including: the #1 selling brand in the US, the #1 imported brand in the US, the #1 Australian brand in the US, and the #1 French brand in the US.

Dreyfus Ashby and Company

Dreyfus, Ashby & Co. was founded in London, England more than 60 years ago; by Swiss-born Michel Dreyfus, who became a legend in the industry. From the beginning, the company has devoted itself to dealing in superior wines from renowned family-owned vineyards and estates.

After World War II, Dreyfus, Ashby moved to New York City, where we remain headquartered today as a national importer of fine wines and spirits hand-selected by a staff who travels to the four corners of the earth. 

We market our products in all 50 states with a team of 24 sales specialists located in 17 major markets across the country.

Brescome Barton, Inc.

Brescome Barton, Inc. is the largest wholesale distributor of spirits, wine, and beer in the state of Connecticut. In business since 1936, we have grown significantly through acquisitions and new supplier relationships and continue to grow each year through additional appointments of suppliers and brands.

Brescome Barton, Inc. markets a portfolio of over 12,000 items. The company represents over 300 suppliers and holds an active account base of more than 4850 beverage licensees in Connecticut.

Georgia Crown Distributing Co. is a full service beverage distributor selling imported and domestic spirits, wines, beers and specialty products. Georgia Crown has wholesale operations doing business in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

Since its founding in 1968, Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. (Southern), is a nationally recognized wine and spirits distributor known for its historic commitment to delivering the highest standards of customer service and creative marketing programs and partnerships. 

Today, Southern represents approximately over 1,500 wine, spirits, beer, and beverage suppliers from around the world, and markets, promotes, merchandises, and distributes over 5,000 individual brands. 

As one of North America’s premier names in imported fine wines and spirits, Palm Bay International has a long-established history of introducing authentic, distinctive treasures from the world’s premier growing regions to wine and spirits lovers across the U.S.

With roots dating back to the early 1930s, NDC is a family-owned business and one of the nation's leading wholesale beverage alcohol distributors when combined with affiliate RNDC.

Sutton & Maxwell specializes in all facets of private label brand development and production. 
Bespoke wines of unparalleled quality from all over the world.

Ruby Wines is a family owned and operated fourth generation company. Ruby Wines's mission is to supply superior customer service and top rated products to our growing list of customers in Massachusetts.

Chatham Imports is a wine and spirits importer company, which is located in New York, USA. The company's passion is wine and spirits that stimulate the senses and the imagination.

Chatham Imports positioned herself as a company, which is constantly exploring, experimenting and refining to bring new tastes to market. 

Based in Paramus, New Jersey, Crillon Importers was founded by CEO, chairman and legendary spirits master Michel Roux, and the company remains dedicated to filling glasses with the finest brands available.

Crillon imports a variety of fine international spirits, including Magellan Gin, Rhum Barbencourt, Pango Rhum, Absente, Supreme Absinthe, Absinthe Ordinaire, Grande Absente, Absinthe la Crème, Opal Nera, H.B. Pastis and RinQuinQuin, among others. 

In addition, Crillon Importers was instrumental in reintroducing absinthe to the U.S. market in 2001, making it available for the first time since 1912.

Capitol-Husting Co., Inc.

Capitol-Husting Company, Inc. along with it's subsidiary company Allstate Liquor and Wine Company, is a premium wine and spirits wholesale distributor in Wisconsin.

Today, Capitol-Husting Co., Inc. and Allstate Liquor and Wine Company is still a local family owned and operated company with more than 80 sales professionals and 130 total employees in Wisconsin.

Allied Beverage Group, LLC ("Allied"), as it is known today, was created by the mergers of The Baxter Group, Inc., F&A Distributing Company and The Jaydor Corporation. 

All three predecessor companies were leaders of the wholesale wine and spirits industry in New Jersey dating back to the Repeal of Prohibition in the early 1930s. 

Allied has emerged as New Jersey's largest and most comprehensive wine and spirits distributor and ranks among the ten largest such distributors in the United States.

MHW Ltd.

As a nationally licensed beverage alcohol importer, distributor, and service provider with licenses dating back to 1934, MHW has spent decades perfecting back office practices in order to create a cost effective platform helping business thrive.

Today recognized as the leader in the US for introducing new beverage alcohol brand, MHW services over 350 clients representing thousands of brands covering beer, wine, and spirits sourced domestically and internationally from over 65 different countries.

MHW, Ltd. holds Federal Importers and Wholesalers Basic Permits, which allow the company to import beverage alcohol into any port in the US. Additionally, MHW holds out-of-state shippers permits in every market, which allows us to ship wine, spirits, and malt beverages to wholesalers in all Open States and to Regulatory Agencies in the Control States. We also have wholesale licenses in the markets of New York, New Jersey and California which allows MHW to sell to the retail trade.

Inno Vino International Inc

Inno Vino International Inc is an US wine importer. The company's headquarter is located in Tamarac, Florida, but the company distributes its imported wines in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas.

Della Terra Llc

Dalla Terra (of the earth in Italian) Winery Direct® is a direct importer of a limited selection of Italy’s finest wines.

Dalla Terra “Winery Direct” is economical and consumer-friendly, putting quality wines on American wine lovers' tables at affordable prices. This efficient method of shipping, distributing and marketing wine, which bypasses the national importer in the traditional three-tier system, allows distributors to buy directly from the producer.

Dalla Terra Winery Direct eliminates the high mark-ups and costs of a traditional national importer, so that Dalla Terra’s wines usually cost less than those of comparable quality.

European Cellars

European Cellars imports mainly French and Spanish wines into United States. They are also purchasing wines from Macedonia and Switzerland in small scales.

Negociants USA

Negociants USA is California based wine importer company, which imports Australian and New Zealand wines into US market.

Paul Hobbs Imports Inc

Paul Hobbs Selections, imports high class wines from Argentina, Chile, Canada and France in the US market.

Select Fine Wine

Select Fine Wine is an importer and U.S. agent that manages the importation, distribution and marketing of fine quality wines in the United States.