What is an Inspection Certificate or Certificate of Inspection?

Required usually for import of consumer goods such as softlines, hardlines, electronic goods, luxury goods; commodities such as bulk oil shipments and bulk scraps shipments, inspection certificate is one of the most important trade documents.

Inspection certificate, sometimes called as certificate of inspection or pre-shipment inspection certificate, is a trade document used in international trade transactions, issued generally by an independent inspection company after conducting a related inspection, certifying whether or not the goods are in question are in conformity with the specifications stated on the sales contract.

On this page I would like to explain inspection certificate in detail.

Some of the subject that will be covered on this article are as follows:
  • What is the function of an inspection certificate in export and import businesses?
  • What are the types of inspection certificates?
  • Are all inspection certificates are the same?
  • Who should issue and sign the inspection certificate?
  • When should the inspection certificate be issued?
  • What are the benefits of an inspection certificate?