Top 10 Pre-Shipment Inspection Companies Located in China

If you are importing goods from Germany, then you would have very little worries about the quality issues.

German exporters not only use the best raw materials and state of art manufacturing lines in their productions, but also possess one of the most educated, financially satisfied work force around the globe. 

German exporters also are very good at distribution and trade finance operations. Even if you have some sort of technical problems with your product, it will be solved either by technical assistance locally or financially at worst.

That is because German exporters produce top quality products with high margins. "Made in Germany" means value against quality. 

But if you are importing goods from China, you should be worried about the quality of your order.

Chinese exporters positioned themselves as the cheapest suppliers of the world. In most cases it is possible to find unbelievable prices from a Chinese manufacturer.

However neither product quality nor the after sale services would be satisfactory for you as an importer, if you would not take preventive actions.

How to find a freight forwarder in China?

China is the biggest exporting country in the world. Chinese exports of goods and services have reached 2,210,00 billion USD volume in year 2013. This is more than European Union's total exports volume in year 2012 which is 2,173,00 billion USD. 

US and European companies are importing significant amount of goods from China. In 2013 US companies' imports from China have reached 440.40 billion USD in total. China is also one of the biggest import partner's of Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada etc...

What I am trying to explain you is that Chinese companies are doing serious amount of international trade with their partners throughout the world and one day you may need to find a reliable Chinese freight forwarder as an importer.

On this page I will show you how to find a good and reliable Chinese freight forwarder.

International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) is a non-governmental organization that represents freight forwarders in a global scale. They have 40.000 individual freight forwarder members. They have also one or more association members in each country, which makes their website invaluable when looking for a reliable freight forwarder.

Finding a Chinese Freight Forwarder from FIATA Website's Member Directory

Step 1: Open Fiata Website  ( )

Step 2: Click Members Directory Which is Located Under the Members Menu

Step 3: Choose China from the Drop-down List and Press Submit Button

Step 4: Congratulations! You Have Reached All Fiata Member Freight Forwarders in China