What is Import Customs Clearance?

When it comes to customs clearance, many people think of customs operations occur only at the importing stage.

But this widespread belief does not reflect the reality, because at least two different customs clearance have to be done in a single foreign trade transaction.

First customs clearance takes place at the exporting stage, which is called export customs clearance and second customs clearance takes place during the importing stage, which is also known as import customs clearance.

On my previous article, I have explained export customs clearance.

Today I want to make clarifications regarding import customs clearance operations.

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What is Export Customs Clearance?

Each independent state has its own customs territory.

Every product, entering or leaving the customs territory of a specific country has to be subjected to customs procedures in accordance with the customs legislation of that country.

These procedures are also known as customs clearance.

If the customs clearance is carried out at the export stage, it is called export customs clearance.

Just on the other hand, if the customs clearance is carried out at the import stage, it is called import customs clearance.

Definition: Export customs clearance defines all the procedures and formalities that must be followed in order to export a particular good from an exporting country including but not limited to obtaining any export licence or other official authorization and carry out all customs formalities necessary for the export of the goods.

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