What sort of information should not be mentioned on a packing list?

So far on my website, I have written following articles about the packing lists: "How to create an export packing list?" and "Should the container number be mentioned on the packing list?"

I suppose I will be keep writing in different aspects of the packing list, as it is a very important export and import document.

Today I would like to explain you what kind of information should not be covered under the packing list and why.

What sort of information should not be mentioned on a packing list?

Packing list is not a financial document. 

It is used by logistics personnel, who should have no connection with the financial information about the goods.

Additionally, sometimes packing list may be delivered to the final customer as is, without checked by the importer, who is the intermediary company between the exporter and the final buyer. 

How to create an export packing list?

A packing list is a trade document that identifies details about the contents of a package.

A packing list is especially helpful in international trade transactions for confirming the number of items during the transportation stages.

Packing list is a shipping document, which is widely used in export and import transactions.

Combined with the commercial invoice, certificate of origin and transport documents, packing list is one of the core documents that needs to be created in an international trade operation.