What are the main differences between 40FT and 40HQ containers?

In most cases exporters and importers know 20ft and 40ft containers but they are not familiar with 40Hq containers.

Today I would like to introduce you the 40hq container by comparing its main features to the 40ft standard container.

What does general purpose freight container mean?

General purpose freight container is the most common container type used in global sea transportation. 

These types of containers are totally enclosed so that the goods inside the container have no contact with the outer environment during the carriage. 

They have rigid roofs, rigid side walls, rigid end walls and a floor. At least one of theirs end walls equipped with doors allowing easy loading and unloading of the goods. 

As said earlier they intended to be suitable for the transport of cargo of the greatest possible variety. As a result they are the most common freight container types in circulation.