Freight Forwarders in Bahrain

Bahrain is a small island country, located between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain is an oil exporting country. Refined petroleum, raw aluminium, petroleum gas, iron ore and aluminium plating are the top 5 products that are exported by Bahrain.

Bahrain depends heavily on imported goods to sustain its economic activities. Cars, iron ore, aluminium oxide, gas turbines and refined petroleum are the main product groups that are imported by Bahrain.

Logistics sector, which handles exports of goods to more than 90 countries and imports of products from 94 countries as of 2012, is one of the key elements of Bahrain economy.

On this page you can find a list of reliable freight forwarders located in Bahrain. The list is prepared by myself manually.

I have tried to check all the web addresses of the companies one-by one. Luckily I managed to find web address of each forwarder company listed on this page.

Once you click the links placed at the title section, you will be directed to that specific freight forwarder's corporate website.

Please kindly be noted that all forwarder's are listed on this page are FIATA members and considered to be reliable companies by the sector.