What does issued retrospectively mean on a GSP Form A certificate of origin?

GSP Form A certificate of origin should be issued on or before date of shipment stated on the transport document. 

If it is issued a later date than the date of shipment, then Form A certificate should bear " issued retrospectively" stamp. 

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Today I want to clarify the meaning of issued retrospectively term on a GSP Form A certificate of origin.

What are the differences between certificate of origin and GSP Certificate of Origin Form A?

Certificate of origin is a generic name of an international shipping document, which is used to identify the origin of goods that is subject to foreign trade business. 

There are various types of certificates of origin in circulation. The most frequently used one is known as ordinary certificate of origin or simply "certificate of origin".

GSP Certificate of Origin Form A is a special type of certificate of origin, that can be grouped under "preferential certificates of origin".

Today on this article I would like to mention the differences between ordinary certificates of origin and GSP certificate of origin Form A.

When to use GSP certificate of origin: Form A?

GSP is the short form of Generalized System of Preferences also known as GSP schemes.

Generalized System of Preferences is a preferential tariff system granted by bunch of developed countries to developing or least developed countries.

Under Generalized System of Preferences schemes less developed countries or developing countries would benefit from reduced or zero tariff rates when exporting permitted products to GSP donor countries.

Today I would like to explain the fundamentals Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), who could get benefited from GSP incentives and how to get benefited from reduced GSP tariffs.