Are chargeable weight and volumetric weight the same?

On my previous article I have explained how to calculate chargeable weight not only in air shipments but also sea and road shipments as well.

When I was writing my article I have read couple of websites, who mentioned that chargeable weight and volumetric weight as if they are the same concepts.

Unfortunately it is not true. Chargeable weight and volumetric weight (also known as dimensional weight) are not the same concepts.

Do you want to learn why? Please keep reading...

Could net weight and gross weight be the same on the packing list?

Net weight and gross weight are two important international trade terms, which are frequently used on bills of lading and packing lists.

Generally gross weight and net weight are showing different values on the packing list.

But in some instances exporters state the same value to both net and gross weight on the packing lists.

Today I will try to explain whether gross weight and net weight could state the same figure on the packing list.