How many pallets fit in a container?

Vast majority of foreign trade transactions are completed via sea shipments and 90% of sea transportation is carried out with containerized shipments in today's global economy.

As a result knowing how many pallets could fit in a container is a critical piece of information that every exporter and importer should be familiar with.

Today I am going to explain how many pallets fit in a container...But..wait a second...

Actually there are several pallet types available on the market. Euro pallets, industrial pallets and asia pallets are the most common pallet types that is in circulation. 

In addition to pallet types, there are more than a dozen of container types and sizes in use in international logistics.

The combination of different pallets and containers makes it harder to create a simple list of pallet amounts per container. Right!

On this page you can find various examples of pallet loading amounts for different container types.