How to complete airport of departure field according to L/C rules?

Today I would like to explain you how to complete the airport of departure field correctly according to letter of credit rules.

Air waybill is a transport document that is used in air shipments, which will be requested by issuing banks under letter of credit transactions.

Airport of departure is one of the key elements of an air waybill and it needs to be completed carefully when dealing with a letter of credit, because banks find discrepancies on the transport documents more frequently than any other shipping documents under letter of credit presentations.
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Can an air waybill be issued to order of an issuing bank?

Transport documents are one of the most important document types in international trade business.

They not only evidence receipt of cargo but also contract of carriage as well.

Additionally some transport documents title to cargo such as negotiable bills of lading.

Unlike bill of lading, air waybill is not a negotiable transport document, as a result it cannot be issued in negotiable form, which means that air waybill cannot be issued "to order of the issuing bank".
Today I want to explain what does negotiable transport document mean in export and import business and why an air waybill cannot be issued "to order of the issuing bank".