What is the difference between policy holder and insured on cargo insurance policy?

In some cargo insurance policies identify both policy holder and insured companies, whereas in some cargo insurance policies issued by defining only insured party.

On this article I will try to explain the meanings of "policy holder" and "insured". 

What does policy holder mean on a cargo insurance policy? What does insured mean on a cargo insurance policy.

More importantly are there any differences between these two terms as specified under marine cargo insurance contracts?

How to use Institute Strike Clauses in marine cargo insurance policies?

Strike risks, although mostly underestimated by the exporters and importers, could cause serious financial losses to the participants of international trade transactions.

Strikes at world sea ports is not an uncommon event. 

By making a quick google search, you can also see by yourself, how frequently business workflow of world sea ports have been interrupted by strikes.

Today I would like to explain how to eliminate strike risks via marine cargo insurance policies.

How to use Institute War Clauses in marine cargo insurance policies?

War risk is an important risk factor in international cargo transportation.

Most sea routes used by multinational carriers are passing through or near active war regions or potential war risk related areas.

Especially issuing banks in letter of credit transactions should take war risks very seriously and demand an insurance policy covering war risks.

Today I would like to explain the importance of "Institute War Clauses" in international insurance policies.

After reading this short article you should be able to understand whether current cargo insurance clauses cover war risks or not and how to get insured against war risks.

Does All Risks insurance policy covers war and strike risks?

Institute Cargo Clauses (C), Institute Cargo Clauses (B) and Institute Cargo Clauses (A) are the most frequently used cargo insurance clauses.

These cargo clauses are written by International Underwriting Association of London.

Institute Cargo Clauses (A), which is also known as "ALL RISKS" insurance policy, offers widest range of risks coverage comparing to other marine cargo insurance types.

But does all risks cargo insurance type covers war risks and strikes risks?

After reading this article, you should be able to reply whether all risks cargo insurance policy covers war and strikes risks or not?