What is a container number?

If you are not dealing with a fraudulent transaction, you should be able to identify corresponding container number/numbers on the bill of lading as an importer.

But what is a container number? What are the benefits of using a container number in international sea transportation? How to check a container number in order to make sure that the container number is valid and correct? 

On this article I will try to answer these questions. Let us start with the definition of the container number.

What is Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC)?

As an exporter or importer you should have seen SCAC codes on the bills of lading. 

On this article I will try to explain the meaning of SCAC codes. 

After reading this page you should understand the key aspects of SCAC codes in international transportation.

What is SCAC?

SCAC is the abbreviation that stands for Standard Carrier Alpha Code. 

Standard Carrier Alpha Code is a specific code used to identify transportation companies such as freight container carriers and forwarders.

Each transportation company has its own Standard Carrier Alpha Code.