Are there any differences between MMBL and CTD?

Exporters and importers would like to do their business as efficient as possible in today’s global economy in order to be staying competitive and profitable.

International logistics companies have long ago understood this situation and took necessary steps.

Growing freight forwarders presence in global transportation sector was the ultimate response.

Freight forwarders’ role is very simple in an international transaction where only single mode of transport is used.

They buy bulk spaces from the transport companies and sell them to exporters and importers in small quantities.
Multimodal Transport

Letters of Indemnity for Telex Release of goods

If a negotiable bill of lading has been issed in an international trade transaction, then importers have to present to the carrier’s agents at the port of discharge one original copy of bill of lading in order to receive the goods.

If buyers could not present this original bill of lading than the shipper may have to fill a document called letter of indemnity to have the goods released without surrender of the original bill of lading. 

This article explains the issuance process of letter of indemnity and telex release of goods.