Top 20 Wine Importing Countries

Wine is one of the most internationally traded alcoholic beverage in the world. Countries around the globe imported wines in 35,4 billion USD value in year 2014. 

Wine was considered to be an holy drink even by ancient people. For example, the Greeks worshiped Dionysus, who was the God of the Wine. Consumption of ritual wine was part of Jewish practice and, became even more essential to the Christian Church.

Only Islam, within divine religions, prohibits both production and consumption of wines, that contain alcohol.

Today, I want to show you the top 20 wine importing countries around the world. Statistics are gathered from TradeMAP website, which uses UN COMTRADE datas.
Top 20 Wine Importing Countries as of 2014.

Wine Importers in United Kingdom | UK's Top Wine Distributors 2015

United Kingdom is the 2nd biggest wine importer country in the world, just after United States.

In 2014, importers located in UK imported 1,454,681 Tons of wine. Total amount of money, the UK's wine importers had to paid in 2014, was 5,4 billion USD.

The top wine import origins of the United Kingdom are France, Italy, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Chile, Germany, US, South Africa, Portugal and Argentina.

On this page, you can find some of the biggest wine importers in United Kingdom. If you are in wine export business, you may also consider checking my previous articles, titled with Wine Importers in China and Wine Importers in US, respectively.

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Wine Importers in US

On my previous article, I have introduced some of the biggest Chinese wine importers to my readers. Today I would like to exhibit well-known US wine importers on my web site.

Before listing the companies, it would be beneficial to give brief information about US wine imports.

US is the top wine importing country in the world as of 2014.

According to UN COMTRADE statistics, US imported 1,074,633 mtons of wine by paying 5,35 billion US dollars in year 2014. Unit price for US wine imports was 4,985 USD/ mton for the respected year.

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The top wine import origins of the United States are Italy (1,6bilion USD), France (1,5billion USD), Australia (448 million USD), Argentina (353 million USD), Spain (342 million USD), New Zealand (328 million USD), Chile (299 million USD) and Germany (117 million USD).

Top Freight Forwarders in Spain

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How is the listing prepared?

The list is prepared manually by myself.

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Wine Importers in China

According to United Nation's COMTRADE statistics, China is the 6th biggest wine importer country in the world as of 2014.

Chinese wine imports reached 1,53 billion USD total in 2014.

This amount seems to be market saturation point for imported wines in China, because Chinese wine imports stays stable around 1,50 billion USD amount between 2011 and 2014.

Between 2006 and 2011, wine imported into China increased significantly, from 138 million value in year 2006 to 1,43 billion total amount in year 2011.

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You can check Chinese wine imports between 2006 to 2014 from below graphic.
Chinese Wine Imports Between 2006-2014
source: trademap
Today, I want to introduce some of the biggest wine importers in China.