Accept/Except is a maritime term which is usually used in time charter party contracts or voyage charter party contracts.

The term, when used during the negotiation phase of the charter party contracts, explains to the receiver that the counter-party agreed to the offer apart from certain conditions or clauses.

Accept/Except used by either the shipowner’s broker or the prospective charterer’s broker during the negotiations for the charter of a ship to signify that an offer or counter-offer is accepted apart from certain clauses or details.

Objections are then listed together with the amendments sought.

Accept/Except Term Usage Example:

Charter Party Offer

Ship Details: Genco Surprise 8C Hkg fg built 1998 72495dwt 
Cargo Details: 25,000 MT 10% MOLOO Blk Wheat (sf 46-47`)
Load Port/Discharge Port: One Safe Berth Odessa to One Safe Berth Jeddah 
Freight Rate: USD 33/tonne FIOS 
Arrival and Cancelling Dates: 15/31 August 2015 
Laytime: 12000/9000 Working Days 24 Hours Consecutive Weather Permitted Shipping Sundays and Holidays Excepted (SHEX)
Demurrage & Despatch: Dern USD 8,200pd pro rata D1/2D laytime saved 
Charter Party Contract: Norgrain89 
Total commissions: 1.25 percent of the total freight bill
Any Other Points: Subject Details 

Counter Offer

Accept/Except freight rate (USD 33/tonne FIOT) and arrival and cancelling dates (01/15 August 2015).